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Quantitative detection of mycoplasma in cell cultures:

We use the real-time quantitative PCR technique. This technique is the only one at present which allows very reliable and quantitative results for the detection of mycoplasma.
Our test allows to detect the 18 species of mycoplasma including ure
aplasma and acholeplasma (mollicutes) recognized by the European Pharmacopoeia as being able to contaminate cell cultures.




Principle of FTA cards : Simplicity - Security - Stability


FTA cards are used by forensics, they have many advantages:
- Simplicity of use: it is enough to deposit the liquid to be analyzed on the card
- Safety: the chemicals present on the card will lys
ate the cells and neutralize any biological danger
- Stability: the DNA is fixed on the card and can be kept intact almost indefinitely at room temperature (in a dry place and sheltered from light)






Pipette 100 μl of supernatant or cell extract (in culture medium, or even directly into trypsin, at the time of passage of cells) into the circle of the FTA card and allow to dry Minutes in the open air. The chemicals present on the FTA card will lysate the cells and fix the DNA permanently. Once fixed, the DNA is stable for years at room temperature! You can send us your samples by mail, in a normal envelope and when you want!

WARNING: if you have a positive result, we will give you the exact number of mycoplasma present on the FTA card (therefore in the 100 μl you have deposited) so it is important for you to always deposit the same number of cells for
having a quantitative and comparable result from one analysis to another.




We guarantee the sending of the results by email at the latest 48 hours after reception of the samples in the AXIOTIS laboratory.




- No manipulation or "technician time" for the user
- Inactivation of any biological hazard by FTA cards
- Results in 48H, for all mycoplasma contaminants (included ureoplasma and acholeplasmes). Very sensitive and quantitative detection by quantitative real-time PCR (RT-PCR)
- Quantitative monitoring of the results (possibility of monitoring the evolution of a decontamination or of assessing the level of contamination)
- Official results of an independent laboratory (publications in scientific journals, dispatch of lines to other laboratories, marketing of cell lines ...)



Discount depending on the order:

- Pack 10 tests = 149 (Ref : EMT10)

- Pack 25 tests = 319 € (Ref : EMT25)

- Pack 50 tests = 599 € (Ref : EMT50)

- Pack 100 tests = 999 € (Ref : EMT100)

The ordered (prepaid) FTA cards are sent by post and can be used in as many times as you want and without time limit.


Orders and information:

+33 972 892 382 or email: contact@axiotis.fr



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